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After the Storm


"The Twisters After The Storm is #20 in the top 100 blues albums in North America for 2006"

-Real Blues Magazine

"After The Storm is the #1 blues album in Canada for 2006."

-92.5 The X

"The Twisters never overplay. I would describe their sound as all the smooth blues you can use...This is an excellent blues CD. Highly recommended."

-Twelve Bar Rag,Suncoast Blues Society

"This set is full of danceable grooves guaranteed to work well at your next party. Enjoy one of Canada's best-kept secrets (until now, that is!!) with The Twisters and After The Storm."

-Music City Blues, Nashville, TN

"Dave 'Hurricane' Hoerl's smooth vocal and wailing harmonica smolder and Isaak's guitar oozes coolness. Listen to this without a cigarette in your left hand a scotch in your right and you're hearing it wrong."

-Blogcritics Music Magazine

"This is one of my top picks of the year. Great toe tapping, keep on trucking, blues stuff to motor down the road, or to ease off into the cool of the evening."

-Blue Barry, Smoky Mountain Blues

"After The Storm is an album that will get worn out well before you ever get tired of it."

-Penguin Eggs

"After The Storm is as down home, real and heartfelt as it gets. The songs themselves are outstanding, and it's so incredibly refreshing to hear something unique."

-Storman Norman  


"This is what modern Blues is all about. Tight arrangements, great vocal harmonies, and spot on yet understated instrumental performances. All with a firm foothold into the roots and tradition of the Blues. With one exception, a Sonny Boy Williamson tune, the CD is packed with all original tunes that bring freshness and spontaneity to the sometimes over worked playbook of the Blues. A fantastic musical statement."
December, 2007 


"2005 was a year best forgotten by The Twisters. Recognized as Canada’s premier jump/blues band, the group suffered a devastating setback in October of 2005 when, while traveling to a gig, a semi-truck slammed into their vehicles, killing bass player James Taylor and seriously injuring drummer Matt Pease. After considering dissolution, the band was encouraged by the outpouring of support from their fans and the Canadian blues community and decided to carry on. After The Storm (NorthernBlues Music) is their first post-J. T. release.

"The Twisters consist of Dave 'Hurricane' Hoerl (harmonica and vocals), Brandon Isaak (guitar, dobro, banjo and vocals), Keith Picot (upright bass), and Pease on drums. These guys swing hard and sound very reminiscent of the jump blues bands of the 50’s. Hoerl blows some muscular harp and Isaak is an impressive guitarist. Both take a turn at vocals, and are equally effective. The rhythm section of Pease and Picot is rock solid. Adding keyboards to the album is special guest Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne.

"Most impressive is the strong set of original songs the band brings to the table, 11 original tracks out of 12 (the lone cover being Sonny Boy Williamson II’s
Bye Bye Bird). The catchy I’m Your Man opens the set. Other highlights include She’s Krazy, Hoerl’s autobiographical Harp Player, the T-Bone-esque Button Up, and the jazzy instrumental Second Wind. Isaak and Hoerl display some arresting harmony vocals on tracks like When Your Memory Goes Away and Going, Goin’, Gone.

After The Storm is a solid, inspiring set that shows the band is in excellent shape despite all their recent trials and tribulations. Jump blues fans will love it, but there’s plenty here for all blues fans to enjoy as well."

-Graham Clarke
Blues Bytes
July, 2007 


"It's 171 kilometres to Whitehorse, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

"Paraphrasing a Blues Brothers quote might not exactly be fair, because The Twisters are actually mining a wider vein than that. Sure, they take their share of Dee-troit Motown sound, but they are adding in the 'jump-swing' aspect along with a contemporary bend as well, and it comes off, for the most part, pretty well. Would have been five stars, had the singer been a chain smoker and this was pressed on vinyl. Rating 4 (out of five)"

-Stacey John Hoskin
Regina Leader-Post,
October 28, 2006 


"The Twisters are a class act!"

-Doug Langille, CJSR Edmonton

"A club owner’s delight - lots of swing and jump. (Best goddamn harp in Canada!)"

-Ron Simmonds, CFRO Vancouver

"...authentic and trim live sound that a swingin’ jump blues band should be known for. A band to watch out for, especially if you like the dance floor."

-Derek Andrews, President Toronto Blues Society

"The Twisters take the Chicago and swing blues of the fifties, giving them an edge that is completely contemporary. Aside from playing the blues with soul, the quartet also does it with a sense of show!"

-James Muretich, Calgary Herald

"It’s a spirited romp...each of the men is so talented that one tune just seems to get better than the one before it."

-John Scoles, Blues Scene Quarterly

"Well-paced sets comprising interesting and varied material spun together by a foursome that not only sounds but looks like they are fun ..."

-Peter North, Edmonton Journal

"One of the finest jumpin’-swing blues bands around today. Strong, original material with good vocals and superb harmonica and guitar. Straightup hard-drivin’ back beat and that classic stand-up bass."

-Storman’ Norman, CFOX Vancouver