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Michael Allison

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The music on this album is absolutely amazing. That's the first thing that you'll notice. It just leaps out at you and grabs a tight hold. Otis Taylor is one of those rare songsmiths that can draw the listener in with his storylike folk/blues and amazing musicianship. White African is one of the most inspirational albums that I've heard to date. I haven't heard blues this pure in so long. The acclaim of this album is too much for words to express. I was completely mystified. Otis opens up a new world of imagery for his listeners with his music. The lyrics are so well written and compelling that you find it difficult to pull yourself away. Real blues with real feeling. I just can't praise this album enough. No one writes music like this. NO ONE! Otis Taylor is THE blues artist, and White African is THE blues album!! If this music doesn't do it for you, then nothing will.  

"Real blues with real feeling."