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Rarely, like about once a year, a record with a referential sound comes in. By that, I mean that at the first hearing, I can imagine musician friends taking it to a recording studio and telling the engineer, "We want THIS sound." Bogart's Bounce is one of those albums.

The JW-Jones Blues Band is an impossibly young, impossibly Canadian urban blues band, captured here recording with one of their idols, Kim Wilson, who is not a bad idol for any blues artist of any age to have. The band digs the Little Walter / Fabulous Thunderbirds / Kim Wilson sound, they do their best to produce it in the presence of their bluesharp hero, and he joins in, playing better chops and material than appeared on his own last album.

Guitar work sparkles, rhythm section bounces with authentic blue-eyed soul, and everyone, especially the listener, has a good time. In brief, if you like Kim Wilson, you'll be delighted to know that something better than his last album, which was merely very good, is available.

-Arthur Shuey
Oklahoma Blues Society - Back Beat
Jul/Aug 2002 


Take note, all of you fans of the West Coast jump sound - there's a new guitarist who will literally blow you away with licks that sound as if he's been playing twenty years or more. If you like the sounds of such luminaries as Charlie Baty, Anson Funderburgh, Rick Holmstrom, etc., then J.W. Jones is a must listen. Only in his early twenties, J.W., bassist Nathan Morris, and drummer Matt Sobb have produced a phenomenal sophomore record. And add to the list of guests piano player Gene Taylor and harp master Kim Wilson (both of the Fabulous Thunderbirds) to really augment the jump sound. J.W. Jones learned guitar by playing with old Thunderbird's records, so he was thrilled when Taylor and Wilson offered to help out on the album. The Jones band already has an outstanding harp player in Southside Steve Marriner, so not only do we get guitar heaven, but also top notch harmonica. You know you're getting first rate jump blues as soon as the opener "Flat Line" kicks off. "Ain't Soon Enough" opens with an Earl Hooker-styled lick, then erupts into an r&b dance number. "Time To Move On" and "Blind Date Woman" feature Kim on vocals, and they remind you that he's one of the best singers as well as harp players on the scene today. "Goldtop Groove" is a smooth, jazzy number that closes the disc. The J.W. Jones Blues Band's first CD "Defrillatin'" is also available. Keep an eye on this band.

-Bill Camp
Baltimore Blues Society
Autumn, 2002 


"Bogart's Bounce is the ultimate electric blues album filled with lively, rhythmic sounds of guitar, piano, bass and drums. JW-Jones Blues Band offers finger-snapping tunes that remain with you all day long."

-Lauren Green
WFOS 88.7-fm Program Guide
Chesapeake, VA
Jul-Sep 2002 


"One of the hottest young guitar players on the blues scene at present has to be JW-Jones, especially when it comes to playing swing and jump blues. JW has a feel for this music like no other guitarist his age. A couple years ago he released his internationally acclaimed debut album, Defibrillatiní which won hearts around the world. Now at the age of 21, and along with harmonica player Southside Steve Marriner, whoís just 17 by the way, Nathan Morris on upright bass and Matt Sobb on drums have just released their latest album, Bogartís Bounce.

The album starts off with an instrumental called Flatline that has JW and company in overdrive, and if this dosenít get you up and dancing then the next few tracks,
Jump Tonight, Ainít Soon Enough and Sweet Sugar Mamacertainly will. Sweet Sugar Mama features Southside Steve on vocals. The pace of the album cools off a little with a gem called Time To Move On featuring guest vocalist Kim Wilson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Other guests include Gene Taylor on piano, Tortoise Blue on hammond organ and Roxanne Potvin on vocals. All up, Bogartís Bounce has fourteen fantastic original tracks thatíll have you shakiní and moviní the whole way from start to finish.

I get an absolute rush of excitement when I play this album, and I would have to say this is the best jump blues recording Iíve heard this year. It just doesnít get any better!"

-Eric Black
Blue Country 101FM
August, 2002 


"With a good blend of guitar, piano, harp and harmonica, the JW-Jones Blues Band has produced a CD sure to appeal to a larger audience than typical blues followers.

With a toe-tapping opening, "
Flatline" gives listeners a good taste of the abilities of the young band members, the youngest being only 17.

While this Canadian band offers the soulful sounds of blues in songs such as "Without You" and "
You Forgot to Come Back," they also add some rock to their numbers such as "Ain't Soon Enough" and "Time to Move On."

Though a young group, the JW-Jones Blues Band has definite promise. With more experience, this group will rank right up there with the best of the blues groups. For now, their CD, "
Bogart's Bounce", released on June 18, is a good buy, showing talent and promise."

-Sarah R. Edwards
Soundings, Norfolk, VA
June 19, 2002 


"J-W, whose tone varies from lean, clean Funderburgh to the fat, hollow-body sound of Zinn and Baty, proves himself a master of the wonky solo; like Junior Watson, he refuses to follow conventional logic, instead finding his own balance between tension and resolution that leaves one breathless. And Steve? Well, he's simply a phenomenon, tone like a freight train supporting some serious chops."

-John Taylor
Blues on Stage
July 3, 2002 


"Hereís a band thatís gonna burn a flaming groove across the blues world."

-Richard Bourcier
Jazz Review.com
Summer, 2002 


"Politics aside, Ottawa is simply not a location that comes to mind when considering the blues. However, The JW-Jones Blues Band seems intent on altering that perception. By blues standards this is a relatively young band, but these boys are more in tune to a traditional blues sense than you'd expect.

The aptly titled
Bogart's Bounce has a mostly swing feel to it, led by guitarist JW-Jones who has no difficulty finding the proper tone to accompany his surprisingly mature blues chops. This guy has done his homework.

Southside Steve's dynamic harp playing is aided by plenty of keyboards, guest vocalists and a solid rhythm section.

Watch for Jones and his band to gain a respectable name for themselves outside of their home town."

-Ken Clarke
The Gauntlet, Calgary
June 13, 2002

"If you are one of those people who thought that the blues was mostly sad and depressing, well you obviously know nothing of the blues, and you obviously haven't heard the JW-Jones Blues Band. The JW-Jones Blues band can rip out some serious swinging blues that makes you wanna kick and grind all night long. I'm told that the front line of this band averages 19 year old. That may be pretty young for a blues band, but don't let the peach fuzz keep you from getting into this groove. These guys pour on the blues grooves like no other. I was certainly surprised at how tight and emotional this music is.

This is what real blues is supposed to sound like. This entire album is 14 songs of good time, kick ass blues. The music hints of several blues based genres as well. From swing to rock-abilly to down home boogie blues. It's just a fun album, and what more can any blues music fan ask for?! This album should easily find it's way into many blues music fans collections."

-Michael Allison
Music Dish
Summer, 2002

"Ottawa's JW-Jones Blues Band is one serious band now.

Where once the quartet got by on good basic chops, a little flash, and a lot of energy (and those cute boyish grins) the bandmembers have stepped up every element of their craft. Jones's guitar work is a dream on practically every style, from competing jazz-tinged west coast-ish numbers to back-to-basics hard blues. Southside Steve Marriner's harp work is wild, and bassist Nathan Morris and Matt Sobb have fused into a solid groove unit. Production is hot and the songwriting is cool. 4 1/2 stars."

- Norm Provencher
Ottawa Citizen
June 1, 2002