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Dr. J
Twelve Bar Rag
the Suncoast Blues Society
July/August 2002 

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There is a story from the sixties about legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green. He had heard about this new guitar-slinger around town named Eric Clapton and decided to go with his girlfriend to hear him play. After the performance, Peter was clearly depressed. His girlfriend asked him what was wrong and Peter replied, "My God, he can sing, too!"

This was not unlike my experience at seeing David Jacobs-Strain recently at Skippers. I had heard about this 18 year old country blues/slide wizard from several musician friends of mine, one of whom had met him at a guitar camp where the young man was teaching slide guitar! As a student of the genre and a player myself, I was curious and, frankly a little skeptical.

Well, he lived up to his press. Not only can he play phenomenally well, but he can sing too! But that's not the Peter Green part for me. The Peter Green part is, "My God, he's only 18!"

As evidenced from his chops, this young man has spent a lot of time woodshedding. He not only has the classic country licks and tunings down, but he also has been able to exercise the creativity of the folk/blues process by creating his own songs in the tradition.

This CD is a balanced comination of several of David's originals as well as his unique interpretation of several country blues classics like "
Poor Boy/Nobody's Fault" and "Linin' Track". He also does a great version of his friend and mentor Otis Taylor's "Bowlegged Charlie". His use of vintage tube amps, Kenny Passarelli as producer and his outstanding talent have resulted in a first class CD. Give it a listen. Then you will be able to say, as he inevitably rises in recognition, that you heard him when.

"Well, he lived up to his press. Not only can he play phenomenally well,
but he can sing too! "