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Photos from the NorthernBlues Music Launch Party


Rita Chiarelli just killed the crowd with her awesome vocals.

Southside Steve!

Fred being interviewed for TV.

Barry Dolans (from the Chicago Blues Festival), Rita Chiarelli, Derek Andrews

Rita Chiarelli belts out the blues!

Steve Gumble, Barry Dolans, Vic Thomas (from Summerfest in Milwaukee)

A great shot of Otis Taylor, playing his electric banjo!


(L - R; Steve Gumble (from the Telluride Blues Festival), Otis Taylor, Southside Steve, JW-Jones, Bill Garrett, Fred Litwin, Rita Chiarelli)

The JW-Jones Blues Band amazed everybody with their high energy!

The JW-Jones Blues Band. (L- R; Tyler Kealer, JW-Jones, Fred Litwin, Southside Steve, Nathan Morris, Matt Sobb)

Eddie Turner - a remarkable guitarist.

Otis Taylor and Eddie Turner