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Live at Ground Zero Blues Club - Watermelon Slim

 Catalogue #: NBM0060

Watermelon Slim Live at Ground Zero Blues Club


Bill Homans, a.k.a. “Watermelon Slim” is one of the most intriguing bluesmen out there. Watermelon Slim first appeared on the music scene in the early 1970s as the only Vietnam veteran to record a full length LP during the war.

In subsequent years, Slim played with a variety of famous blues stars, but only recent has he become a fulltime bluesman.

Less than six months after leaving his most latest truck driving job, hauling industrial waste, Slim is now making a living as a full-time touring bluesman. The decision was predominantly the result of a recent and nearly fatal heart attack, and the renewed perspective on mortality that followed. Logically, why drive industrial waste around Oklahoma to dispose when one can drive band mates around the US to play music and entertain?

Now that Slim has received a record sixteen blues music award nominations in the last 4 years, he is the new ‘King of the Blues’.

Finally, a live DVD that captures the brilliance of Watermelon Slim.


"There is no doubt this is a country album, complete with fiddles and steel guitar...But it is also unmistakably a Watermelon Slim album with his intense, world weary voice that sounds like it has covered a lifetime of hard miles..."
-Blurt Magazine

The first ever Watermelon Slim DVD—And live from one of
the best blues clubs in America—Ground Zero Blues Club
in Clarksdale, MI (co-owned by Morgan Freeman).

Live concert has special guests Charlie Musselwhite, Big George Brock, and Jimbo Mathus.

Lots of terrific extras:
• Hour long interview with Watermelon Slim and Chip Eagle, Publisher of Blues Revue Magazine.
• Watermelon Slim playing slide guitar on the balcony of the Ground Zero Blues Club talking to
blues great John Mayall.
• A short feature on theWatermelon Slim band, The
• More great slide playing on the balcony.

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