Villanelle - Paul Reddick

 Catalogue #: NBM0025

  Acclaimed producer/blues musician Colin Linden has said that Paul Reddick is "one of the most original and inventive singer-songwriters in blues today." His work has been influenced by such poets as Kenneth Rexroth and William Carlos Williams, as well as the music of Sleepy John Estes, Fred McDowell, Harry Smith's Anthology of Folk Music, and the Alan Lomax Field Recordings. Paul Reddick's deceptively simple songs weave a hypnotic spell; he is a gifted and charismatic performer. His effortless harmonica playing and vocals search deep into the heart of the song.

In 2002, Paul received a W.C. Handy Award nomination for "
Rattlebag", which broke new ground in blues by incorporating a variety of new sounds and structures into the traditions of pre-war blues and in the process created something stunningly original. This time around, Paul Reddick is back with another unique look at pre-war blues and Americana; forging yet another new style. Backed by an all-star band, Paul takes a somewhat rootsy approach with a more acoustic instrumentation, though with plenty of Colin Linden's trademark production genius. Rave reviews keep pouring in, award nominations are anticipated!


Another raw and
original CD by the winner of
Blues Recording of the Year, Maple Blues Awards, and W.C. Handy Award nominee, Paul Reddick