Steady Movin' - Steady Movin'

 Catalogue #: NBM0051

Steady Movin'

  Carlos del Junco is one of the world's finest harmonica players. Carlos has won the Maple Blues Award for harmonica player of the year four times-including last year, and he is a gold medal winner at the Hohner Harmonica championships in Germany. He has also been nominated for a Canadian JUNO Award for Blues Album of the Year.

Playing a ten hole diatonic harmonica, Carlos has developed the unique ability to play chromatically by using a recently developed "overblow" technique taught to him by jazz virtuoso Howard Levy. Overall, this approach to the diatonic harmonica, although much more difficult to achieve, is richer, more expressive and communicative than the mechanized tone produced by the chromatic harmonica. Carlos is one of the few pioneers of this overblow method, bringing musical credibility to what has been considered until recently a fringe folk instrument. He has recorded with Bruce Cockburn, Oliver Schroer, Zappacosta, and Kim Mitchell.


Winner of the Maple Blues Award for Harmonica seven times in the last ten years!

Won two gold medals (in the diatonic blues category and the diatonic jazz category) at the Hohner World Harmonica Championships in Germany.

Blues Musician of the Year Award-Jazz Report Magazine

Kevin Breit (Norah Jones' guitarist) plays on several tracks on Steady Movin'.