Sofa King Badass - Mason Casey

 Catalogue #: NBM0042

Sofa King Badass

  Mason Casey is a soulful blues singer, harmonica player and songwriter. He has toured extensively in Europe, and recorded three CDs for the DixieFrog label in France (including a CD produced by Poppa Chubby).

He has also played with Wilson Pickett (appearing on his las CD) and was also on Don Covay's last release.

Now, Mason is living in California and is ready to take on America. His new CD is incredible and features Steve Cropper and Don Covay as musical guests.

He has just been signed to a major management company and is now talking to some of the biggest agencies in North America.


  • Produced by Jon Tiven, who produced Wilson Pickett's last album, and who has also produced BB King.
  • Guest-stars Steve Cropper, Don Covay and Jimmie Johnson