Smarten Up! - Taxi Chain

 Catalogue #: NBM0019
Release: March 2, 2004 

  A funky soulful, absolutely unique blend of Americana, R&B, blues and bagpipe, yes, bagpipe!

Band leader Grier Coppins founded Rare Air, the ground-breaking, the wildly successful jazz/celtic-fusion band over 20 years ago, and continues breaking down walls between musical genres with Taxi Chain. A fresh new brilliant sound, a blend of lowdown American roadhouse and bluesy R&B with a Tom Waitsian sense of lyrics and that damned bagpipe. Seamless, dirty, sweet, and extremely danceable.

NorthernBlues President Fred Litwin recalls,
"... I couldn't help but to sign them after I heard them live at The Rivoli in Toronto. I had never seen such an interesting group of musicians... the band just rocked and the place danced for over two hours!"


"Taxi Chain sounds like what would happen if you took Tom Waits on a two day bender and then got him a gig at a country bar, fronting a rock band, while playing the bagpipes. A wry look at life that turns the blues around like a three Martini lunch."
-C'est What? Website