Slide to Freedom - Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt

 Catalogue #: NBM0039

Slide to Freedom   Fusing Blues music with Indian music has been tried before, but no one has done it quite as successfully as Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt (the son of V.M. Bhatt). That's because they have been thinking and practicing for over a year before actually recording together.

Slide to Freedom" was recorded by Miles Wilkinson, one of the best sound engineers from Nashville - necessary for capturing the intricacies of the mohan veena, V.M. Bhatt's 19- stringed instrument; the amazing tabla of Ramkumar Mishra; and Salil's instrument, the Satvik Veena, which has 20 strings (3 for main melody, 5 for drone, and 12 sympathetic strings).


Doug Cox-one of Canada's best slide guitarists, teams up with Salil Bhatt - one of India's best slide instrumentalists, along with special guest, Grammy-Award-Winning V.M. Bhatt (Salil's father).

V.M. Bhatt is Famous! He won a Grammy in 1994 with Ry Cooder for their album, "Meeting By The River", and he was considered by
George Harrison (and now by Eric Clapton) as one of the world's best musicians.

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