I'm From Phunkville - Mem Shannon

 Catalogue #: NBM0029

I'm From Phunkville

  One of our biggest signings to date is Mem Shannon - one of the young lions of blues who believes in expanding the parameters of the music. His first CD in 1995 (A Cab Driver's Blues) was a tour-de-force - Mem mixed snippets from his taxi passengers and the CD won huge critical acclaim. As the All Music Guide says, "Shannon brilliantly combines elements of funk, jazz and rock & roll into his guitar playing, and his soulful vocals are not your run-of-the-mill stylings. In fact, most things about Shannon are exceptional: the way he write songs, the way he sings them, and the way he presents them."

Mem's new release
"I'm from Phunkville" is yet another showcase for his incredible talents. With all original songs (and one cover of Eleanor Rigby), Mem is once again ready to show why he is one of the most original bluesmen around.


"Always one to avoid tired blues clichés, Mem shifts nimbly from funk to jazz to rock to heartfelt balladry."

-Jazz Times

"New Orleans-nurtured blues soaked in Louisiana funk and soul"

- Richmond
Times Dispatch