My Kind of Evil - The JW-Jones Blues Band

 Catalogue #: NBM0021

  JW-Jones is back with his 3rd CD for NorthernBlues, and "My Kind of Evil" is a killer album. Produced by multi-Grammy nominee Kim Wilson, the CD features JW and his incredible guitar licks, guest vocalist Colin James, Kim Wilson playing harmonica and singing two tracks, a new horn section, and piano as well. It's literally, the JW-Jones Big Band.

My Kind of Evil features 7 JW-Jones originals, 4 covers, and 3 songs co-written by JW-Jones and Kim Wilson. The CD swings, hits hard, jumps, and showcases a variety of blues and R&B styles. Most importantly, it shows how JW has matured as a bandleader - carefully layering the sounds required.

There's nothing better in the world when a bandleader and a producer collaborate on a shared vision. And that's what happened with "
My Kind of Evil".


Coming - May 18th, 2004