Bogart's Bounce - The JW-Jones Blues Band

 Catalogue #: NBM0010

  The JW-Jones Blues Band sophomore effort is one incredibly fun album. JW-Jones has has pulled all the stops for this Cd - first he managed to get Gene Taylor from the Fabulous Thunderbirds to come and play piano, then he got his friend Kim Wilson to guest on three tracks, and then he got Tortoise Blue to play organ, and his friend Roxanne to do a vocal, and before you know, he's produced a gem!

Bogart's Bounce is non-stop fun! Both JW-Jones and Southside Steve showcase their incredible talents - JW with his beautiful swing guitar, and Southside Steve with his fantastic harmonica chops. Combine their exquisite playing with fantastic sound quality, the special guests mentioned above, the great cover art of Michael Wrycraft, and you have a world-class CD! Enjoy!


Non-stop fun!