Blues Mongrel - Carlos del Junco

 Catalogue #: NBM0026

Blues Mongrel

  In February, 2005 NorthernBlues is releasing a new CD from Carlos del Junco, who is one of the best harmonica players anywhere. Blues Mongrel is an incredible showcase for his talents - mixing blues, jazz and country into a beautiful masterpiece. And, the packaging by Michael Wrycraft is just exquisite.

Carlos is a leading pioneer of the 10-hole diatonic harmonica and he has won world championships in Germany at the Hohner World Harmonica competition. His new CD,
Blues Mongrel, showcases blues and jazz and layers a variety of different sounds for something that is totally unique!


"It's obvious he's in a class with such greats as Toots Theilmans, Paul Butterfield, and Howard Levy."

-Peter North
The Edmonton Journal

"Harpplayers: listen carefully - this man's got something to say."

-Detlev Hoegen
Crosscut Records, Germany