African Wind - Dan Treanor & Frankie Lee

 Catalogue #: NBM0023

African Wind

  How’s this for something totally original - take one blues artist (Dan Treanor) who builds home-made African instruments, add one of the top soul singers around (Frankie Lee), back them up by a top-notch blues band… and… well, African Wind is the result.

This exciting take on the blues is a collaboration between Dan Treanor from Colorado and soul singer Frankie Lee from California. Frankie Lee belongs with the ranks of O.V. Wright, Otis Redding, Little Johnny Taylor, and Bobby Bland. This new release should finally bring Frankie Lee the recognition he deserves.


A very exciting take on the blues—with totally original instrumentation. Dan Treanor plays his home-made African instruments— the Diddley Bow (single-stringed instrument), the Ngoni (4 or 7-stringed instrument played with a slide), the Khalam (6-stringed instrument with a banjo body played with a slide). In addition, Dan also plays the Kalimba (African thumb piano), the Djembe (African hand drum) and the cane flute.