Slide to Freedom : 20,000 Miles - Doug Cox with Salil Bhatt

Catalogue #: NBM0062

Slide to Freedom: 20,000 Miles  

Fusing Blues music with Indian music has been tried before, but no one has done it quite as successfully as Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt (the son of V.M. Bhatt—who won a Grammy with Ry Cooder in 1992).

20,000 Miles was recorded In the famous Royal Studio in Memphis, TN, where Al Greene used to record. Joining Doug, Salil and Cassius are some amazing guests—Calvin Cooke, the founding father of sacred steel, gospel legends The Campbell Brothers, and Betty Soo, the Americana-inspired darling of Austin’s singer songwriter scene.


Doug Cox—one of Canada’s best slide guitarists, teams up with Salil Bhatt — one of India’s best slide instrumentalists, along with Cassius Khan, an amazing table player for yet another CD of blues-Indian fusion.

Recorded at the famous Royal Studio in Memphis, TN—founded by the legendary Willie Mitchell who recorded Al Greene.

Special guests on this CD include Calvin Cooke, the founding father of sacred streel; the Campbell Brothers, one of the the top gospel/sacred steel bands in the United States; and Betty Soo, an amazing new Americana voice out of Austin, TX.