1861 - Moreland & Arbuckle

 Catalogue #: NBM0044


  The "Ultimate Blues Band From the Heartland".

Hailing from Kansas, Moreland & Arbuckle have seen more success in the past two years than most musicians dream about. Since being a Finalist at the 2005 International Blues Competition (IBC), they have seen their fan base grow exponentially. During the past two years they have performed at several major blues festivals and the band has performed over 700 gigs in the past five years.

Moreland & Arbuckle's blistering live shows have become nothing short of legendary. Moreland & Arbuckle are clearly a must see for any music enthusiast. Not only are they keeping a strong blues tradition alive, but they are pushing it into new boundaries for generations to come.


Finalist in the 21st Annual Blues Challenge held in Memphis.

"This is a killer trio that has crossover appeal if for no other reason than that they are young and able to bring young blood to the blues with their stripped down raw power."
-Blues Bytes, Nov. 2006