James Cohen - Bio


  James Cohen, originally a rock guitarist for over twenty-five years, has worked with such greats as Mick Ronson and has written and arranged for several bands, winning major Canadian contests as a pop-rock songwriter. His newest CD to be released on Northern Blues records April 2003 was produced by Richard Bell.

In 1999 James's guitar playing—as part of the group "Del Norte"—appeared on a compilation CD called "
Puro Flamenco" which also featured Ottmar Liebert. This CD is available in all U.S. record stores on the Neurodisc label, as well as the 2002 release on Borealis records "Six Strings North Of the Border" featuring James Cohen's Flamenco piece, The Wind.

Once he was exposed to the outstanding guitar playing of flamenco prodigies Paco De Lucia, Tomatito, and Miguel de la Bastide, there was no turning back for James. He worked day and night learning the complex and subtle rhythms of flamenco, and studied the lightning right-hand techniques of the Spanish gypsies.

La Tormenta represents James's love of the more modern Flamenco without sacrificing the integrity and purity of a long and beautiful tradition.

VKO MundoBeat™
James's profound dedication to learning to play flamenco inspired him to invent the VKO MundoBeat™, the world's only Flamenco and worldbeat metronome which is now being used by such world-renowned musicians as Ottmar Liebert, Tomatito, Jesse Cook, Badi Assad Menageria, Miguel de la Bastide, and many more. The Web site www.vko.com has a complete list of endorsements and information.

James Cohen has made special guest appearances throughout Ontario and Quebec with both Tony D. and Sue Foley. He has been featured on both their most recent televised CD release tours in 1999 and 2000.
  • Rock guitarist for over twenty-five years

  • Worked with such greats as Mick Ronson

  • Invented the VKO MundoBeat™, the world's only Flamenco and worldbeat metronome